New Scientology Star Rises in Texas’s All-Star Capital of Austin

Grand News Network | February 27, 2024

The Ideal Church of Scientology’s grand opening in Austin, Texas, signifies a major expansion, emphasizing spiritual freedom and community service. Located centrally on The Drag, the Church offers spiritual counseling and community programs, receiving praise from local leaders for its contributions to drug education and interfaith cooperation. Led by Mr. David Miscavige, this event marks a key step in the Church’s global growth, highlighting its commitment to positive community impact and spiritual awareness.

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 27th Feb 2024 – In a vibrant celebration of Texas freedom, the capital city of Austin witnessed a significant moment in its history with the opening of the new Ideal Church of Scientology Austin. The event, marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, took place on a clear Saturday afternoon on the city’s main social corridor, The Drag, amidst an elated crowd of Scientologists and guests. This grand opening is the first of many scheduled for 2024, symbolizing the unabated growth of Scientology.

New Scientology Star Rises in Texas’s All-Star Capital of Austin

The new Church, situated across from the University of Texas, stands as a beacon of spiritual freedom. With its street-level, floor-to-ceiling windows, the Church invites passers-by to explore what it has to offer. The Grand Opening day was a lively affair, with tours of the Church extending from the afternoon into the evening.


A Texas-Sized Welcome

The dedication ceremony was highlighted by a Texas-sized ovation for Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, who described the new Church as a shining star in the “country of Texas.” Joined by parishioners who contributed to the establishment of this Ideal Church, Mr. Miscavige cut through a red, white, and blue ribbon, marking the official opening.

The ceremony was not just a celebration but also a reflection on the spirit of Texas. Mr. Miscavige reminded the audience of the words of a famous Texan, drawing parallels between the pioneering spirit of the past and the mission of the Church today to settle the “line of country” of the human spirit.


Voices of Unity and Commitment

The event featured speeches from local leaders and advocates, each highlighting the Church’s role in the community and its broader humanitarian missions.

Mr. Mike McHone, Vice-President of the University Area Partners Association, praised the Church’s contribution to the community, emphasizing the collaborative effort to create a thriving, active community in the University area.

Mr. Sam Price, a Texas Drug Education Advocate, acknowledged the Church-sponsored Drug-Free World program’s impact, crediting it with providing thousands with the choice to live drug-free.

Ms. Simone Talma Flowers, Executive Director of Interfaith Action of Central Texas, spoke on the importance of bridging divisions between different faiths and praised the Church for its role in building the largest interfaith movement in Central Texas. She highlighted the Church of Scientology’s commitment to fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse religious communities, which has significantly contributed to the region’s social fabric.

Reverend James Hubbard, speaking on behalf of the Austin NAACP, expressed gratitude towards the Church for its strong voice and active participation in the community. He emphasized the shared goals of justice and equality, and how the Church’s efforts in Austin have helped turn these aspirations into reality, thereby enriching the community as a whole.


A New Chapter for Scientology in Austin

The establishment of the Ideal Church of Scientology in Austin marks a significant milestone. It not only serves as a spiritual home for Scientologists but opens its doors to the entire community, offering a venue for collaborative efforts aimed at uplifting all citizens, regardless of their denominations.

The Church features an array of facilities designed to meet the needs of parishioners and the community alike. The Public Information Center, with its extensive collection of films, provides an in-depth introduction to Dianetics and Scientology. The Hubbard Guidance Center offers one-on-one spiritual counseling, while the Purification Center addresses the mental and spiritual damage caused by drugs and toxins. The Academy trains auditors, spiritual counselors who assist others in achieving spiritual freedom.

Moreover, the Church’s location on The Drag, opposite the University of Texas, positions it at the heart of Austin’s social and cultural life, making it a hub for community engagement and humanitarian initiatives.


A Global Expansion

The opening of the Ideal Church of Scientology Austin is part of a global expansion plan. Throughout 2024, new Ideal Churches are set to open across the United States and around the world, reflecting the growing interest in Scientology and its humanitarian missions.

This expansion also includes the launch of the Scientology Network, a satellite TV channel that broadcasts the message of Scientology across the globe, furthering the Church’s outreach and engagement with a wider audience.

The Ideal Church of Scientology in Austin stands as a testament to the Church’s commitment to spiritual freedom, community service, and humanitarian work. Its opening marks a new chapter in the Church’s mission to help individuals achieve greater spiritual awareness and freedom, while also serving as a catalyst for positive change in the community and beyond.

For more information about the Church of Scientology Austin and its programs, or to visit the new Ideal Church, interested individuals are encouraged to explore the Church’s official website or visit the Church in person.

These are some of the Ideal Churches in the USA, which include New York City, Harlem, Buffalo, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Nashville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Twin Cities, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle. And in California alone, at Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Gatos, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Ventura, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Orange County and San Diego.

The unprecedented expansion of Scientology is further represented by the opening of new Ideal Organizations in major cities all over the globe, including London, Birmingham and Dublin in the British Isles; throughout Europe in Brussels, Rome, Milan, Padova, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Malmö, Amsterdam, Basel and Budapest; in the Middle East at Tel Aviv; all along the Pacific Rim at Tokyo, Kaohsiung, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth; in South Africa at Johannesburg and Pretoria; more in Canada at Québec and Cambridge; and in the Latin American capitals of Mexico City and Bogotá.

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