Grineo Taps Chainalysis to Tackle Financial Crimes

Grand News Network | January 22, 2024

Sydney, Australia, 22nd Jan 2024 – Grineo, the revolutionary CeFi money platform, has taken steps to tackle illicit activities on the Dark Web.

The company has integrated Chainalysis’ state-of-the-art surveillance tools into its platform, forging a powerful alliance. Now, with a dynamic blend of human and artificial intelligence, Grineo is constantly on the lookout for any signs of danger such as monitoring for sanctioned accounts, leaked data, compromised credentials, and other confidential data, all in real-time.

Grineo Taps Chainalysis to Tackle Financial Crimes

Unlocking the potential of blockchain technology, Chainalysis stands as the ultimate data platform for governments, exchanges, financial institutions, and FinTech giants across 70+ countries. With their comprehensive data sets, cutting-edge services, and ground-breaking research, they empower law enforcement agencies and financial regulators to crack down on crime and ensure compliance throughout the cryptocurrency market. 

Through their advanced software, they have successfully cracked some of the most notorious criminal cases and enabled safe consumer access to the world of digital currency. Thanks to Chainalysis’s monitoring abilities, Grineo stays one step ahead of potential dangers by sending alerts that detail the severity and escalation level of any possible threats. This guarantees a prompt and efficient response to any incidents that may arise.

From Roman Ostapenko, one of the founding minds behind Grineo, comes a powerful statement: “With our unwavering dedication to enhancing online security, this partnership with Chainalysis marks a momentous leap forward. Their state-of-the-art technology has been instrumental in fortifying our defences against the growing threat of sanctioned accounts, solidifying our reputation as a trusted financial platform.”

Grineo’s latest incorporation of the KYT and Address Screening tools serves as a powerful reinforcement to their already established safety measures, showcasing their commitment to safeguarding their clients. As a trusted financial entity, Grineo strictly adheres to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) regulations and collaborates with law enforcement to protect its platform user base. Grineo also offers learning resources to educate users on issues in the digital assets space.

By Q1 2024, Grineo will unveil its long-waited wallet and debit card application designed for the savvy and eligible users of digital currency.  One of the standout features of the Grineo app is its integration with a physical debit card. Users will have the option to link their wallet to a debit card, enabling them to make purchases with stablecoins at traditional brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers that accept card payments. 

This integration bridges the gap between digital and traditional finance, making it easier for users to spend their digital currencies in everyday transactions. By offering a comprehensive and secure solution, Grineo aims to empower digital currency users and facilitate wider adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. To get a live card for free users will need to join Grineo’s waitlist:

About Grineo

Grineo is a company based in Australia that offers a range of products and services related to digital currency. Their main product is the Grineo wallet and debit card in one app, which provides users with an intuitive interface and advanced trading features for managing their digital currencies. Grineo is headquartered in Sydney and is fully regulated by the relevant authorities. The company is backed by a team of experts in banking and financial technology (FinTech). To learn more about Grineo and their offering to get a free live card, you can visit their website at .

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